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About Us

Who We Are

Teledata Solutions Limited is a Technology company providing consulting and related products and services in the development and implementation of Telecom, Energy and Information Technology (IT) solutions.

We provide energy and broadband data access infrastructure services as well as IT solutions for voice, data, video and internet. This is in addition to business consultancy and advisory services.

Our areas of expertise include consultancy, project management, training, research, engineering practice and associated services and activities.

Our Mission

We know and understand the Tech industry, and in this ever dynamic space, our mission is to put our expertise to work with your organization to provide positive benefits, value, and a great return on investment.

Our Experience

Teledata Solutions Limited derives its strength and expertise from a multidisciplinary team of practicing engineers and consultants who have executed many complex contracts and projects in the tech industry.

Teledata Solutions Limited offers excellence in tech consultancy services. We have experience in serving as tech consultants to a diverse group of satisfied customers. We strive to help organizations establish technology solutions that meet current and future needs.

We are experienced at assuming responsibility at multiple organization levels. We provide services individually, in combinations or as a total package in turnkey applications. We fuse design competence with practical construction know-how, to deliver excellence in project performance, quality and safety.